To use Pop Digital Mail, you will need an email template, which our designers build on your behalf using your brand and specifications. These templates help you to stand out from the crowd and deliver the desired result.

Great email design isn’t just about looking pretty, its about usability, functionality and gaining results too. We consult with you to understand your direction for the design, then get to work creating an email template that we know you’ll love. Once created, your template can be used as many times as you want and can be edited by you, using our really simple software.


As specialist email marketers, we stay on top of developments in email design and code, and mobile email is no exception to this. Growing substantially every year and already showing signs of better interaction rates than desktop users, it’s an area you likely to want to be involved in, and one we’re proud we can perform on. 

Like the idea of professionally designed templates with the flexibility to write your own content? Check out how easy it is to create and send your emails or contact us to get started today.


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